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Throughout the years, Bitwize has worked with SMB's and large companies for IT architecture, analysis, design, development and reportings projects, consistently providing added value for business units in different domains.

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Power BI Partner

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Power BI Partner

Bitwize is nu Microsoft Power BI Partner!

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Business Intelligence / Enterprise reporting

Get more insights from your data to perform even better

We bring the data from the different systems in the company - possibly completed with data from outside the company: open data, sectordata, ... - together in a company wide reportingmodel.  The reportingmodel can be used for data analyses or reports, graphs, dashboards and other visualisations can be produced.

The company reporting will give you new insights, based on which you can take focused actions and based on which you can make smart, founded choices!

From support for your current reporting to the implementation of a reporting solution for all your business operations

Lear more about Business Intelligence on this site and take a look at the Business Intelligence services we can provide.

ICT Architecture / Indenpendent ICT advice

Save time, money and headaches by making the right ICT choices

Good foundations are important for every architecture.  The basis for a good Business/IT alignment are an IT Architecture adapted to the company needs and a good IT management.  Modifications in the business and technological changes demand adjustements in your IT landscape to keep the Business/IT alignment optimal.

With a good IT Architecture and good IT management you get faster and better insight in the impact of changes, you can easier take focused actions and you can make smart, founded choices!

From support for your office applications to the optimisation of your entire ICT landscape

Learn more about IT Architecture on our site and take a look at the  IT Architecture services we can provide.

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